Benefits of the Project

The existing Lin Ma Hang Road from Ping Yuen River to Ping Che Road (Western Section) and from Tsung Yuen Ha to Lin Ma Hang (Eastern Section) is basically a 3.5m wide single track access road. Highways Department (HyD) is planning to widen both sections of Lin Ma Hang Road in order to cater for the anticipated traffic growth due to the opening of the Frontier Closed Area.

The benefits of the Project include:

  • Improve road facilities and enhance the living environment
  • Widen roads for more efficient commuting activities
  • Provide pedestrian footpath to improve road safety
  • Provide a new direct linkage to Lin Ma Hang for better accessibility
  • Prepare for future development opportunities with optimised road network

Western Section Eastern Section

Existing single track road

Photomontage after widnening works(For reference only)